Who Sites


The Tardis Base would just like to thank the following websites for the following reasons;

Doctor Who Online – For providing cool site banners and some magazine covers!
Tardis and Torchwood Treasures – For brilliant pictures!
WhovianNet – For some brill posts!
GallifreyOne – For some brill posts and rating updates!
Planet Gallifrey – For cool set reports and pics!
BBC – For Doctor Who itself and most of the pics!
Doctor Who Toys – For merchandise news and pics!
The Doctor Who Site – For brill banners and pics!

~ Tardis Base


9 responses

13 02 2008

Hi, there is an instant messaging chat called Yaplet that you could put on, it is proper chat like MSN, AIM, etc.

13 02 2008

The links is http://www.yaplet.com

16 02 2008


20 02 2008
Judoon Commander Sco

why is your name zobbles (just curiosity)

21 02 2008

Well actually, it started off when I was joining an online game called Club Penguin! I decided to pick the name Zobles and i thought it was such an unused name that I should use it as my online name! Cos of course it’s not my real name! ~Zobles (A.K.A _____ lol)

22 02 2008

Hi, great site for news and more!

22 02 2008

Thanks Sean!

15 03 2008

NEWS !!!!
On youtube there are a load of new photos of the finale look away now if you dont like spoilers ….

The pics show Jack , Donna and Rose (who has a BIG gun ) the dr. and Daleks , the dr is hurt and rose is the one who looks after him , in one scene the doc wakes up and gives Rose a huge hug and what looks like a kiss …..

15 03 2008

i already posted that but could you please give me a link to the vid!

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