Tardis Base Moves to Blogspot!

22 03 2008


The Tardis Base is moving to Blogspot! The new address is:


If you go to http://tardisbase.blogspot.com you will see my experiment blog from months ago so don’t bother clicking there. So remember,


~ Tardis Base


New Figures!

11 02 2008


There are loads of new Doctor Who figures out now and some coming soon! New ones include:

  • Rose Tyler with Ice Extinguisher
  • Ood with glow in the dark eyes
  • Destroyed Cassandra
  • 10th Doctor with portable “Wire” set
  • 10th Doctor in Spacesuit with Smashed Helmet
  • Toby Zed Un-Possessed
  • Astrid Peth
  • Host
  • Novice Hame as a Nurse
  • 9th Doctor
  • 10th Doctor in 9th Doctor clothes
  • Sycorax Warrior
  • Sarah Jane and K-9
  • Editor
  • Captain Jack (Series 3 Clothes)

There are some other new figures as well. Also Character Options will be creating some Classic Series figures including:

  • 4th Doctor
  • 5th Doctor
  • 6th Doctor
  • Sea Devil
  • Zygons and more…..

Also i’m sure there will be new figures for series 4 like Donna, Rose, Martha, Sontarans, Pyrovile, Wasp and more.

~ Tardis Base