New Series 4 Promo

22 03 2008

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The Official Doctor Who Site has revealed a new promotional image for Doctor Who Series 4. It also promotes the launch of the Series 4 Trailer on TV! For those of you who don’t know you can watch the trailer tonight at 7pm on BBC1 and online! Also the covers to the new Doctor and Donna books (coming September) have been revealed! Just click here to view them!

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Series 4 Starts on the 5th of April!

20 03 2008

(Thanks to Tardis and Torchwood Treasures for this cool pic! 🙂)

The BBC has confirmed that Doctor Who Series Four will air on BBC One on 5th April 2008.

The time for the programme is still to be confirmed, but the programme will probably be shown at around 7pm. Episode One, Partners In Crime reunites the Doctor with Donna Noble. It also stars Miss Foster who is a villian. Here is the sypnosis!

“Donna Noble is determined to find the Doctor again – even if it means braving the villainous Miss Foster and her hordes of sinister Adipose, as Russell T Davies’s Bafta Award-winning time-travelling drama returns for a fourth series. But when the alien threat escalates out of control, can Donna find her Time Lord before the march of the Adipose begins?”

It looks really exciting I can’t wait until April 5th for Partners in Crime to air! By the sounds of it, I think the Adipose are the monsters! Oh and the good thing is that it is on the day after the Torchwood finale for BBC2 viewers and 8 days after Torchwood for BBC3 viewers!

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Martha and Mickey Seen Filming!

20 03 2008

Thanks to Planet Gallifrey for this!  🙂

Teej71 has just commented that he saw a farewell scene being filmed with Mickey walking away with Captain Jack and Martha, and leaving the Doctor alone!


Clashtafari was there and has taken a few photos… which’ll be around soonish I’m sure. Yay for Martha and Mickey! Also Torchwood was brilliant wasn’t it! Can’t wait til’ Fragments this Friday on BBC3 at 10.30!

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5th of 12th? Find Out Tomorrow!

19 03 2008


The BBC have announced that they will confirm the air date for Doctor Who Series 4 tomorrow (Thursday 20th March) at around lunch time. I will update as soon as I know!

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Cinema Trailer TV Debut!

17 03 2008

The cinema trailer for Doctor Who Series 4 which was shown in the cinema from February 1st will be making it’s TV debut on Saturday 20th March on BBC1! After it airs I will upload the clearer version instead of the fuzzy one taken from the cinema!

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Finale Makes Sense!

16 03 2008


(Thanks to Tardis and Torchwood Treasures for this picture!)

Ok! So I have some big news! Well this year there seems to be a lot of spoilers! Well as I reported earlier Rose was seen with a giant over sized gun and more but now thanks to Planet Gallifrey he has put it all together! It’s so hard to explain I think you should just click here! I can basically tell you that Wilf plans to shoot a Daleks eye with a paintgun but it fails, the Doctor runs down a road getting shot by a Dalek and Rose then runs to help him and there is supposedly a Supreme Dalek, ugh I can’t explain the rest! Just click the above link! I have posted it all on my new site in a page called “Series 4 Finale”. Also in other news David Tennant will host The Friday Night Project again and the sypnosis has been released for the final episode of Torchwood, Exit Wounds;


(Thanks to Tardis and Torchwood Treasures for this pic! 🙂 )

Captain John Hart returns to have his revenge on Torchwood in the concluding episode of Doctor Who writer Russell Davies’s award-winning drama. Taking Captain Jack prisoner, he sends him back in time for a long overdue reunion. Without their leader, Torchwood are faced with a city flooded with Weevils, on the brink of destruction. But who is Captain John really working for? Can anyone trust him? And how great a price must Torchwood pay to save the city?

Don’t Mess With Rose!

15 03 2008


rose-with-gun.jpg rose-beside-doctor.jpg 

(Click here and here to see the video with all of the pictures! Also thanks to WhovianNet for this! And click the pics to enlarge! 🙂 )

The Sun have posted an interesting report regarding the Series Four finale. The article is centered around the filming which took place during the early hours of yesterday morning.

David (The Doctor), Billie (Rose), Catherine (Donna), John (Jack), Elisabeth (Sarah Jane), Camille (Jackie) and Noel (Mickey) were all pictured on set, as well as a few Dalek props, confirming the return of the metal monsters.

Bare in mind that the plotline below may not be 100% accurate. It’s just what The Sun has put together using the pictures and various different set reports, etc…

Billie was spotted on set carrying a huge gun, ready to do battle with the Daleks. But when the Doctor is shot by a Dalek as it flies through the air, he’s left helpless as Rose rushes to his side.

~ Tardis Base