DWA #56 and Torchwood #3!

20 03 2008

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This week’s Doctor Who Adventures takes a look at the most exciting machine in the universe, the Doctor’s TARDIS. You can find out how the design team created the look for the time machine, and take a peek at the amazing controls.

The issue comes with eight free gifts. There’s a special folder, Time Agent badge, Dalek and TARDIS magnets, pen, holographic stickers and psychic paper. There are posters of the TARDIS inside and out, the Doctor in 42, and Dalek.

In “Tales from the TARDIS”, the Abzorbaloff reveals his ugly face and “The Ultimate Guide to Doctor Who” reviews The Lazarus Experiment to Blink. The quiz asks how much do you know about the Cybermen and explores why we love K-9.

There are details on how to be a scary Clockwork Robot and “Doctor’s Data” looks at the First Doctor. The Comic strip is part one of a new adventure for the Doctor “Every Dog has its Day.”

Doctor Who Adventures is out across the UK and Ireland on Thursday 20 March. Also Torchwood #3 is out now with previews to the finale!

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Torchwood Magazine #3 Cover!

14 03 2008


The cover and details have been released for Torchwood Magazine #3! Click here for the details!
Torchwood Magazine #3 is on sale from Thursday 20th of March!

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DWA #55 Out Now!

12 03 2008


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The cover and details have been released for #55 of DWA!

This week’s Doctor Who Adventures looks at the (almost) silent stars of Voyage of the Damned, the Heavenly Host.

Read all the essential information on these horrible androids and find out what happened to them aboard the Titanic!


  • Posters: The Judoon, the Fifth Doctor and Host!
  • The Ultimate Guide to Doctor Who: The Runaway Bride to Evolution of the Daleks
  • Quiz: How much do you know about the Doctor?
  • Doctor’s Data: Find out everything you need to know about the Doctor’s new companion, Donna Noble!
  • Comic strip: Part two of Reign of the Stone Monkey
  • Make: Make your own Slitheen mask
  • Time Teasers
  • Who knows: Your Who questions answered
  • Secrets: Discover how the Catkind of New Earth were created
  • Win: Lots of of Doctor Who goodies up for grabs!
  • Subscription offer: subscribe and get a free Cyberman watch

DWA Issue 55 is out today, and comes with a free Doctor Who log book with a pen and some cool stickers.

~ Tardis Base

DWM and DWA Out Today!

6 03 2008


This month’s Doctor Who Magazine comes with a complete new Doctor Who audio adventure.

Cuddlesome is a brand new adventure for the Fifth Doctor, Peter Davison, co-starring Roberta Taylor, Timothy West, and David Troughton. “It’s about a dastardly plot to infect the world,” says Peter, “because someone was nasty to someone when they were young! It’s a nice idea, toys are the perfect way to get to the population. Evil!”

Also this issue, DWM counts down the 100 Greatest Doctor Who Death Scenes of All Time! Doctor Who’s current executive producer Russell T Davies leads the comments on the programme’s most memorably morbid moments. Speaking about the battle between the Raston Warrior Robot and the Cybermen in 1983’s The Five Doctors, Russell enthuses, “Best. Massacre. Ever. Heads go flying! Arms! Guts! On Children in Need night! We should really bring those Rastons back one day, they were brilliant” Terrance Dicks agrees, as the writer of the story, “there’ll be a few quid in it for me!”

Meanwhile, writer Steven Moffat is full of praise for Pete Tyler’s death in 2005’s Father’s Day “just chilling, and tragic and unforgettable” while fellow scribe Paul Cornell raves over Harrison Chase’s grisly demise in 1976’s The Seeds of Doom – “Just gorgeous. Apt and relishable. One of the absolute best Doctor Who deaths.”

Also in DWM 393: “30 Reasons to be excited about Series 30″ – with new photos from the new series! Martha Jones, alias Freema Agyeman answers questions from the dreaded TARDIS tin” and script-writer Gareth Roberts reveals how the Doctor and Donna are set to meet Agatha Christie, as he discusses his forthcoming adventure, The Unicorn and the Wasp.

The Fact of Fiction uncovers the truth behind 1066 and all that as it examines The Time Meddler while Novice Hame actress Anna Hope speaks about her new Doctor Who audio role. Nightmarish creatures fill the final chilling chapter of full colour comic strip Universal Monsters and Russell T Davies extols the new-found virtues of an oft-neglected Tom Baker tale.

Neil Harris bemoans the ‘worst story ever’ in You Are Not Alone and The Time Team find that it’s grim up north as they watch The Mark of the Rani.

DWM 393 is out in the United Kingdom and Ireland on 6 March 2008. Also don’t forget that the new DWA came out today as well.

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DWA #53

27 02 2008

dwa53cover.jpg (Click to enlarge)

This week’s issue of Doctor Who Adventures looks at the heroes of Doctor Who. You can read about ten of the bravest people the Doctor has met. Everyone from Mickey Smith and Bannakaffalatta to Martha and Rose. But who do you think is the top hero?

There’s also the chance to win tickets to a new London Doctor Who Exhibition in Earl’s Court plus posters of Martha Jones, Sally Sparrow and a Weeping Angel and the Doctor and Astrid.

In “Tales from the TARDIS”, Astrid saves the Earth but the Doctor loses a friend and “The Ultimate Guide to Doctor Who” features The Rise of the Cybermen to The Satan Pit

The Quiz asks “what kind of hero are you?” and you can learn how to draw Bannakaffalatta the little red cyborg. The comic strip is “The Old Kings of Skarab” part 2.

Doctor Who Adventures issue 53, is out in the UK on and Ireland Thursday 28 February priced £2.10.

Torchwood Tonight!

Also don’t forget Torchwood tonight! Click HERE for more details!

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DWM#393 Cover and Details

21 02 2008


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There’s a very special free gift in the next issue of DWM, a brand new and complete adventure starring Fifth Doctor Peter Davison on CD!

Also, DWM take a look back at the most notable deaths in Doctor Who’s history, from the very first story right up to Voyage of the Damned.

Gareth Roberts talks exclusively about his Series Four episode, The Unicorn and the Wasp, and the Doctor and Martha find themselves in a desperate race against time in the final instalment of the comic Universal Monsters.

Russell T Davies has more Series Four gossip in his acclaimed Production Notes, Freema Agyeman answers your questions in Out of the TARDIS, all the latest casting news in Gallifrey Guardian and the Time Team continue their quest to watch every single episode of Doctor Who in order.

~ Tardis Base

Doctor Who Adventures #52

21 02 2008


The new issue of Doctor Who Adventures is out as of today (Thurs 21st Feb) ! Inside you can read:

  • Things about the future
  • Doctor Who Exhibition news
  • Tales from the Tardis
  • Series 2 Part 1 Episode guide
  • Make a Tardis toy box
  • Confidential Extra: Making Max
  • Part 1 of a new cool comic!
  • Data on Jackie Tyler
  • Time Teasers
  • Who Knows and loads more!

Plus there are 4 cool posters! I especially like the Cyberman one! DWA #52 is on sale now priced £2.10 and comes free with an inflatable Dalek! Also, don’t forget Torchwood Mag #2 is also on sale from today (Thurs 21st Feb) !

~ Tardis Base