Hi my name is Zobles and I think Doctor Who is really cool so I made a website back in Summer. But then I lost the password so I made a new one. You can still view my old website: www.dwnews.wordpress.com Anyway, here I will update all the news, I’ll have facts, character profiles and more!! Plus I also update about Doctor Who spin-offs Sarah Jane Adventures, Torchwood and The K-9 Adventures!! Hope you enjoy! Oh and I would like to thank Tardis and Torchwood Treasures for letting me use some cool pics they made!

 ~ Tardis Base


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9 12 2007

thanks so much for posting a link to Time Crash. I am in the USA and this has been the only way I have been able to see it! Thanks again.

10 12 2007

Your Welcome Kelly!

29 12 2007
Freema Fan

this site rocks

29 12 2007


29 12 2007


5 01 2008

yup its me ceciley!

8 01 2008
David Chapman

New Billie Piper pic

15 02 2008

I absoutly love dr who its mint I would never miss one of the episodes in a million years me and my friend Jack love dr who its our fav show and we bring our doctor who pencil cases in everyday even every week.

15 02 2008

I am a dr who fan like I said but its the best show on earth and i’ve liked it since I was 3yrs old and i’ve like it all this time and now I am 8 so its been 5yrs now so I am a top fan and if you like it tell me.

16 02 2008

em obviously i like doctor who! otherwise why wud i make dis site! omg i am a way bigger who fan than u! i have all the merchandise and all the books and all the mags and all the dvds (including the classic series)!!!

22 02 2008

Can i have your bebo link please =] im jubajo from the freemaagyeman site

23 02 2008

sorry I dont want strangers seeing pics of me and my bebo is just 4 my friends to see

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